How good is God?

We may not know until we get to heaven, but on this earth we get a glimpse through the blessings He gives us and the friends He puts into our lives. Over the last few weeks I am becoming more and more aware of the wonderful way God manifests Himself in my life. In adoration I am overwhelmed with the humility of the path my life is on, in Mass I am drawn to the Eucharist as Jesus is made present to the community gathered, while interacting with friends and family I see the goodness that comes from knowing Christ personally and how He works through others to bless me, in reaching out in ministry I get a small peek at the ways I can serve Him while on this earth.

Last night I was surrounded by friends from the many ministries I am involved in, from just living life and sharing God’s message of love and forgiveness, from being in tune with the Holy Spirit and listening to that “still small voice” (that sometimes is a whisper and sometimes is a 2×4 across the back of the head), and from being a part of this “thing” we call life. I was truly humbled, blessed and full of joy at how many people took a few minutes out of their weekend to come by and wish me well on my journey. I can not express in words what it means to me that I know you, the ways your lives have touched mine and the excitement I feel in knowing we will be spending all eternity together praising the One who made us.

Thanks for your prayers, support, gifts and most of all – for your willingness to let God work in your life to touch me.



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