Time for an update – and a break!

It has been about six weeks since school has started. I have had my first papers to write and tests to take in over 25 years – and let me tell you, it was a little stressful, but all is turning out good! In fact I got an A and an A- on my first two papers – YEA!

This Lent has been a real growth time for me. Looking at who I am in a new light has been a very uplifting and humbling experience. When we look deeply at the motivation in our lives, sometimes we like what we see and sometimes we can see room for improvement. As I have reflected on my 47 years of life, the steps that have brought me here and the future that is ahead, I am so thankful that God continues to offer me grace and mercy in my journey. Knowing that I have submitted my will to His will gives me the greatest peace I could ever know. And this is not just about being in Seminary and because I am on the road to Priesthood. It is more about the last few years that I have truly been open to the direction God would have me take and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Being at St. Meinrad is the culmination of this time, but as in any endeavor, the journey is where the learning, the joy and the peace can come from.

Not everyone is called to life as a Priest or nun, but we are all called to follow God’s will for us in our vocation. To be Christ’s representative in our families, work places, schools, clubs, among friends and even at our church. God’s love flows through us to others most effectively when we are walking the path of life with God.

I pray that you are discerning God’s will for your life and that the Holy Spirit open your eyes, mind, heart and will to accept the love of Jesus and to pass that love to those you come in contact with.

In Christ,



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