Waterfall number 1!

I took these pictures during “wilderness day” while on my Holy Week Retreat! From noon on Saturday, March 19 (the day before Palm Sunday) through Breakfast on Easter Sunday, we first year students had a reatreat. The seven of us participated in conferences, daily mass and prayer, works of service, times of silence, watched “Jesus of Nazareth” and “The Passion” and studied the accounts of the Lord’s Passion in the 4 Gospels. We also participated in the Holy Week Liturgies in the Archabbey Church (these were some of the most beautiful services I have attended).

One thing we participated in was the Great Easter Vigil which started at 8:00 pm on Easter Saturday, and continued with the reading of all 150 Psalms (and other various readings) until the Vigil was continued at 5:00 am Easter morning and concluded at about 7:00 am. I was truly blessed to be a server for part of the sevice and also to read a group of Psalms (51 through 55 and 78 through 81). Staying up all night was not too bad (I took a 4 hour nap between breakfast and lunch this morning) but it was well worth it.

God has so much for us, sometimes we need to just stop and take a look at what His next step for us will be. By being on this retreat, and already being in a time of prayer and preparation in Lent, God continues to bless me with more than I can think or ask.


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