Waterfall number 2!

The “wilderness day” was rainy and cold, but we each went our separate ways to experience God in the desert. I saw some beautiful countryside as I drove along the Ohio river, as I hiked for a few hours on some wilderness trails in the Hoosier National Forest I saw 3 deer in one location and 7 in another (I watched the group of 7 at two different times over about 1 1/2 hours – then I saw the coyote that spooked them the second time I saw them), numerous squirrels and birds, heard some woodpeckers working at their craft, and just got to spend some quality time in prayer. God brought many good memories, thoughts and blessings to me that day.

I would suggest for anyone to take a “wilderness day” and see how God can bless you through spending time in the nature He created.


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