Almost Thanksgiving

It is hard to believe that it is the middle of November and that next week is Thanksgiving. This semester has gone by so quickly. I will be staying “on the hill” for our Thanksgiving break and catching up on some studies. I have been invited, along with a few other seminarians, to have a traditional Thanksgiving celebration in Louisville with a couple of the priests from St. Meinrad. I am looking forward to a little down time, as well as a little turkey and dressing.

School has been busy but very good. I have learned a lot and each day it seems as there is more added to what is still in front of me. It is such a blessing to be here and to grow in my personal faith and understanding. My friendships are growing as I continue to share with my brothers in Christ.

Some specific things that have happened this semester include:
1. My volleyball team won the fall semester championship. It consisted of myself, Joe Sobolik, Mary Condon (a lay student), Karen Kern (an employee of Abbey Press), Eric Ebelhar, and Scott Nobbe.
2. We have had a few “Praise and Worship” Adoration opportunities and it has really been a blessing to me to participate. I have heard lots of good comments and feedback from students, administration and others in attendance.
3. I was able to spend the night in the new Guest House as a trial run. It is a very nice facility and will be very welcoming for those who stay there. I also attended the first Mass held in the chapel there.
4. Anathema Sit (the house band for the Unstable) continues to play gigs. We also had an “open mike night” that was very successful. There is a lot of good talent on the hill.

I plan to make a few stops at relatives and friends before arriving in Tulsa for the Christmas break. Please call or email me so we can get together while I am there. My band, “John the Blessed” will be playing at St. Benedict’s for New Years Eve for a fund raiser. Would love to see you come out & support a worthy cause, as well as shuffle your feet on the dance floor!


One response to “Almost Thanksgiving

  1. Mary Jeanne Schumacher

    I just ran across your blog today – nice work! I really enjoyed seeing the photos that you post.

    Mary Jeanne
    Saint Meinrad’s Director of Communications

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