Volleyball Champs – O’Neill’s team pulls off a repeat!

Tonight was the finals for the Spring Semester Volleyball League and my team won the tournament undefeated! It was an interesting semester as many of my teams players never actually made it to any games – so we used lots of substitutes. Tonight the winning players included John O’Neill (Diocese of Tulsa, OK), Tom Galarneault (Diocese of Duluth, MN), and Daniel Dillard (Diocese of Owensboro, KY) who were actual members of the team; and Josh McCarty (Diocese of Owensboro, KY), Bao Vo (Diocese of Sioux City, IA), Jeremy Gries (Diocese of Indianapolis, IN), and Jagen Peter (Palayamkottai, India) who were substitutes tonight. There are more than six because Jeremy and Jagen played in our first game, and then the others played in the final match. Karen Kern (she works at Abbey Press) was also a member of the team, but could not make it to tonight’s games. So that is two semesters in a row that I have been on the championship team! I truly am John the Blessed!

I have to admit I am totally worn out. I played in every match tonight, except for one, as a team member or substitute on another team. I really enjoy the game and appreciate the exercise I get when playing.

Congratulations and thanks to all who were a part of this semester’s play!


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