Another summer update from Mexico!

I am in my last 2 weeks here in Mexico and it has really been a great experience. Much has happened since my last update so I will try to catch up a little.

I grilled hamburgers one Sunday afternoon for my host family and that was a big hit. I told them that I needed to show them how it was done in America so I bought a small grill, some charcoal, the meat and all the fixin´s and we had a great time. The extended family came over and it was a good day of visiting and eating.

A few of us students went to Tequila with one of the teachers to tour the city and a tequila factory (Jose Cuervo to be exact). It was an educational day, plus I got to taste some really fine tequila – the stuff I had is not available outside of Mexico. It was okay, but I am just not a real big fan.

On another Saturday trip I joined 5 other students on a trip to San Juan de los Lagos (St. John of the Lakes). It is the second most visited pilgrimage site in the western hemisphere next to Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City. It was a very humbling experience as we attended mass in the Basilica and many pilgrims were “walking” on their knees to the front of the church where the image of the Virgin of San Juan was. Many miracles are attributed to the Virgin and it was quite a site to see children, adults, little old ladies, couples with babies, families, etc., make their pilgrimage to ask the Virgin for help or to thank her for the help she gave. We visited about 10 different churches in this town and each was a unique and interesting experience. There are so many wonderful churches in Mexico. This was a very spiritual trip for me. I thank God daily for all that he has allowed me to see and do here.

Yesterday I returned from 2 1/2 days in Guanajuato. It is supposed to be one of the most beautiful places in Mexico, and I believe it. It is in the mountains and has been preserved very well because of the great wealth that came from there. At one time it supplied something like 40% of the world´s supply of silver. There is lots of history tied to the city in relation to the fight for independence and freedom. Again we visited many churches, museums, one of the orignal silver mines, and saw many musicians and artisans showing their crafts. It was a nice trip.

Well, I have under 2 weeks left and time is moving fast. I have really appreciated the experience and woudl recommend this type of thing to anyone. I will give a final update after I get back in August. Be blessed.


One response to “Another summer update from Mexico!

  1. Sounds like a fun trip

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