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Extreme Makeover – Home Edition is in St. Meinrad!

On Monday morning the crew from Extreme Makeover – Home Edition began filming in St. Meinrad. Here is a story released by the Archabbey:

‘Extreme Makeover’ TV show filming in St. Meinrad
Filming began Monday, September 25, in St. Meinrad, IN, for an upcoming episode of the reality TV show, “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” which airs on Sunday nights on the ABC network.

Show host Ty Pennington showed up on the doorstep of the Shawna and Steve Farina residence, just two blocks from Saint Meinrad Archabbey, to announce that their home had been chosen for the “Extreme Makeover” show. Shawna is a former employee of the Archabbey. At 27, she has been battling breast cancer for the past year or so.

The Farinas and their three children left a few hours later in a black limousine for a week-long vacation. Meanwhile, local contractors and volunteers will be tearing down their house and building a new, larger one in its place.

One of the first projects Monday night was to tear down The Shady Inn, which has sat unused for several years, to provide a larger building site. Many alumni will remember this “hangout,” which was located across the street from the post office.

As one of the neighbors in the community, Saint Meinrad Archabbey has been enlisted to help with some of the TV program’s logistics. Several parking areas have been turned over to the show for the week, while the Abbey Kitchen and Bakery have agreed to supply some sustenance for the work crews.

In addition, monks, students and co-workers will likely be among the hundreds of volunteers who assist with the project, which began with the demolition of the Farina home on Wednesday morning. During the “Braveheart” demolition scene, shown during every episode, hundreds of blue-shirted, hard-hatted volunteers surged forward to take down the house in record time.

Photo: Steve and Shawna Farina leave their home for a limousine ride to the airport for a week’s vacation with their children.

There is more information available at the contractor’s website. Or you can view a slideshow of pictures of the demolition!

Photo: Hundreds of volunteers turned out early Wednesday morning to help film the demolition rush scene called “Braveheart.”

I have volunteered to move furniture in to the completed home on Sunday. It just started raining here about 30 minutes ago, so I hope it doesn’t slow them up too much.


Seminarian Update!

Time for an update – since I have been at school for about three weeks. All is going well, but it is going to be a very busy semester. I have five classes: Church and Orders, Fundamental Moral Theology, Modern Church History, Introduction to the New Testament II, ans Advanced Spanish. I am in the first semester of Second Theology, which is said to be the most difficult of the seminary, and I can believe it. Lots of reading, writing, and other homework. But I am learning so much – it is awesome.

It has also been a busy time in the Diocese. A week and a half ago, fellow Tulsa seminarian Brian O’Brien and I flew to Tulsa to emcee the Annual Youth Rally. We started the day off with an XLT style Adoration and ended with the celebration of the Eucharist with Bishop Slattery. During the day there were workshops, game time and a concert that I was guest bass guitarist for a new Christian rock group, Filioque, which has fellow seminarian Mark Steichen on guitar and vocals. It was a very full day and good time with over 400 young people from the Diocese in attendance. Here is a picture from the concert.

Brian and I gave a workshop called “Stand Against the Violence – Stand for Peace” which included information on proactively being Christ for others, immigration issues, and Pro-Life issues. The workshop was well attended and many commented on the timeliness of the information and the need for our young people do be proactive in their personal lives. You can read more in the EOC online. It may take a moment to open because it is a pretty big file.

There was also a nice piece written in the EOC last month about the seminarians. For the complete paper and story, click here. For the smaller pull-out section with pictures, click here.

Thanks for your prayers and notes of encouragement. They are appreciated very much. My next trip to Tulsa will be for the “Walk for Adoption” sponsored by Catholic Charities. My band “John the Blessed” will be playing and the Bishop will also be there. Put it on your calendar and come out to Bishop Kelley that Sunday afternoon.

Be blessed.