Extreme Makeover – Seminarian Division!

This afternoon I, along with about 18 other seminarians and about 10 monks, helped load furniture and various items into the Farina Home. It is a beautiful place and should serve as a wonderful home for this family. I would describe it as rustic and country style. It is 2 stories with about 3,200 sq. feet.

In this picture – left to right – are seminarians Eric Schild, Diocese of Toledo, Ohio; Brent Lingle, Diocese of Sioux City, Iowa; Mauricio Carrasco, Diocese of Little Rock, Arkansas; Dominic Petan, Diocese of Lafayette, Indiana; and John O’Neill (me), Diocese of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Behind us is the Farina home.

Here is a picture of a few of the monks who helped out.

We first loaded a small truck in the staging area. Then we made our way to the house for the unloading of the big furniture items. As the design team ran out of the house to the truck we followed and in about 45 minutes all of the major furniture items were unloaded from 4 large trucks. There was furniture made from logs, nice leather and cloth chairs, desks, tables, pillows, and pillows, and more pillows. As I carried in a large bag of pillows Tanya, from the design team, was punching it like a punching bag. The design team seemed very friendly and upbeat the whole time. Ty was not there at the time. We carried stuff to all parts of the house, over and past cameras, and basically unloaded 4 semi-trailer trucks in less than 45 minutes. Don’t call me for your next move though – unless you can supply about 45 other people.

Before we started unloading I visited with Paul (they called him Pauly) and asked how often they built one of these homes. He said they did about 3 every month!!!! They finish here tomorrow (Monday) and on Wednesday they will be in a new location with another family starting all over again. That is pretty amazing. It was good to be just a very small part of a very big project. To learn more about the show click on the link “Extreme Makeover – Home Division” and you will be sent to their web page.

Rumor has it this particular episode of the show will air the Sunday before Thanksgiving – just a rumor at this point. I will post the exact date and time as it becomes available to me.

Be blessed!

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    it think it’s cool.
    God bless

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