Bragging on my nephew and brother-in-law!

My nephew, Luke Bunker, won his county-wide Spelling Bee. Below is the article in the Dodge City, KS newspaper.

His dad, my brother-in-law, Gene Bunker, also did something that I am proud to announce. He just received his Associates Degree after going back to college and taking classes. I am excited that he would be interested in going back to school, much like myself, after being in the work force for so many years. Gene, my hat is off to you. No article in the paper but still an important life event.

Sacred Heart student wins Ford County Spelling Bee

Picture by Michael Schweitzer/Daily Globe

Luke Bunker from Sacred Heart Middle School smiles after winning the Ford County Spelling Bee Friday afternoon at the USD 443 Learning Center.

Seated behind Bunker is Elizabeth Jenkins of Spearville Middle School, who placed second in the contest.

3 responses to “Bragging on my nephew and brother-in-law!

  1. Thanks for putting the article on your blog, Uncle John!

  2. Hey, I was in that spelling bee too, you know!

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