Monthly Archives: April 2007

Happy Easter!

Blessings and grace to you during this Easter season. This has been a very blessed time for me and I want to share these last few weeks with you.

During the last few weeks of the semester, before the Easter break, I was blessed to teach a group of young ladies preparing for their Quince Años celebration (this is a Mexican tradition for 15 year old girls – almost a spiritual rite of passage). My seminarian brother Chad King and I have spent 4 weeks helping them better understand their life in the faith and the call on their lives to serve God. These bright and energetic young women were probably not too sure how to take us seminarians, but especially during the last couple of meetings we were able to see their hearts and spirits opening to the power of the Holy Spirit. God is so good!!!!

For the week before Holy Week, all seminarians from St. Meinrad are to take a 5 day retreat. I had my retreat at Subiaco, in Arkansas, with 3 seminarian brothers, Matt, T.J. and Catesby. It was a pleasant time of prayer, reflection, rest and quiet. We were blessed to be able to pray and eat with the monks. I was so impressed with the dedication and openness of these prayerful men. The seemed very much like a group of “good old boys” who truly loved the Lord and their service to Him.

During Holy Week I have been in Pensacola, Florida visiting my friends Charlie and Jeanne Osburn. Charlie is a Catholic Lay Evangelist who has been preaching and teaching for the last 30 years. Before I entered seminary, Charlie was more or less my mentor. We have been praying, preaching, sleeping, eating and telling war stories for the last week. I have been very blessed to spend this time with them. Charlie is 74 years old and still serving the Lord. He leads a group of volunteers who prepare an Agape Meal every Wednesday night at their parish. Last Wednesday I help set up for about 285 people who were fed shrimp scampi. This morning I helped him prepare sauce and sausage for the meal they will serve next Wednesday. Tomorrow morning he has been asked to preach at a sunrise service for the Pensacola Junior Chamber of Commerce.

I was able to attend the Chrism Mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral on Tuesday. The seminarians from the diocese were serving and I had a chance to have lunch with 3 of them who were also in Guadalajara learning Spanish this last summer with me. It was good to see Mike, Matthew and Tim again. Making a connection with someone and then being able to unexpectedly follow up is a good thing.

We lost a good family friend on Tuesday. Henry (Hank) Huhman died at the age of 95. Hank, and his wife Marie, lived across the street from my family in Okeene since 1958. I bought my first car from him (which my brother is now restoring) and bought many gallons of gas from the station that he co-owned. Here is a picture of Hank and Marie just after my dad’s funeral in 1998.

Well, that is about all for now. Blessings to all on the Easter weekend!