Well…, it must be official!

I guess it is now official – I work at Catholic Charities! There is an article written about me in the most recent Eastern Oklahoma Catholic; there is an announcement on the Catholic Charities website; I have business cards with my name on them; and I got a paycheck! Whoo whoo!!!!

It has been an exciting 3 weeks. Lots of learning, lots of working, lots of meetings, and I have attended a few industry oriented functions also. There is so much to do that it seems a little overwhelming, but God is giving me strength and direction.

I have also found an apartment, so will probably move in the week after Easter. It is in the same general vicinity of Christ the King Parish, so I guess I will be making a change for Christ the King to be my home parish in the future.

If that is not enough, I am also working on the final exam for my first master degree. It is answering 3 test questions with an 8-10 page essay response for each. I have books piled up all over my room, so I am trying to get focused and get this knocked out. It is due April 18th which is not too far away considering all the other stuff going on on my life.

My plan is to attend graduation at St. Meinrad in May. It will be a good time to go back, do a little visiting and walk across the stage with my advanced degree.

I ask for your prayers during this transition and for clarity in completing the school work. Thanks for all the support you have and continue to give.


3 responses to “Well…, it must be official!

  1. Good for you, John. You’re in my prayers. Have a good Holy Week. See you in May! John H.

  2. Oh, and happy St. Patrick’s day!

  3. Can’t wait to see you in 2 weeks!

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