I now have a blessed house!!!!

I invited Fr. Tam Nguyen and Fr. Brian O’Brien to my home last evening to bless it and have dinner. Fr. O’Brien actually performed the blessing and we had a nice dinner at Oklahoma Style BBQ which is not too far from where I live.

So now… John the Blessed has a blessed home to live in – YEA!!!!!!!

I am pretty much settled in, have been working on the thesis for my MTS (Master of Theological Studies) which is due in a couple of months, and been very busy at work.  As I have been compiling the numbers for last years volunteers at Catholic Charities, it is amazing how many we have helping us.  I am just over 1,250 volunteers for the 2008 year – WOW!!!  1,250 have given time, energy, talents and shared themselves with the people we serve.  That is AWESOME!

Well I must get ready for another day.  I am manning a booth at the TCC (Tulsa Community College) International Festival today. Should be a good day!

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